Where Do You Read?

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Reading is one of those activities that gives you a different feeling based on where you are doing it. I wanted to share with you my top four places to read to give you some inspiration in these hard times.

Here they are…

  1. On my bed.

There is no better feeling than waking up on a Saturday morning, knowing that you have a free few hours. I grab a cafetiere, and snuggle down into the covers. Ideally, there will be a little bit of drizzle outside so that I can hear the rain pattering whilst being nice and snug inside. This is my optimum reading environment and I can sit and read about two-hundred pages in one go, cocooned in my own bubble of safety.

  1. In a coffee shop.

What is your coffee of choice? Mine is an Americano, and as boring as that may seem, I love the strong sense of caffeine that hits you as you turn the pages and immerse yourself in a storyline. I like the social aspect of this type of reading also, peering over my book after every few chapters to watch the world go by around me. I see couples walking into the coffee shops together, I see families and friends reuniting, and I sometimes see other people like me: solitary readers. All of these people have a story to tell, just as the author of the book that I am reading does, and I find this fascinating as I dip into another plot.

  1. In my garden at ‘home home’.

As a university student I do not have a garden myself, only a back yard. This makes me appreciate it so much more when I return to my ‘home home’: my family’s house in the Lake District. As a I enjoy a novel or an anthology of poetry, I can hear the birds tweeting around me, I can faintly hear the chatter of people who are walking into our nearby town, and I can grab a cup of tea and fully relax. I think that books are important for us to do this, to get away from our hectic lives and just to be at one with nature and the world around us. If I had to describe how it makes me feel in one word, I would say it was liberating.

  1. In the bath.

Disclaimer: I also find this terrifying. Although I am scared that my book will fall into the water around me, or that the steam will crinkle my pages (yikes!), I can unwind and sit for a good quarter of an hour and read my current book (any more than that and I get uncomfortable). It is one of those times that you are forced to relax, to not move, to be at one with the world. So go on, buy yourself a bath bomb and indulge yourself in some ‘me’ time with the best companion there is: a book.

Words by Sophie Wilson.

Image: Harry Brewer on Unsplash.

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